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To mark British Science Week, we explored some different experiments!

The children made chemical reactions by combining liquids and created a volcano.

They turned water into slime and and explored solids and liquids by observing the change of state in corn flour.

We made our very own lava lamps! We used recycled bottles, filled them with oil, water and food colouring and added fizzy tablets. We watched the water and oil separate and watched the reaction occur! In the classroom, we turned off the lights and shut the blinds to make it really dark. We shone torches to watch the magic happen!

Science week

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Fairy Tale Crime Scenes!  

Today the children were detectives and had to figure out what fairy tale characters had been in the school during the holiday.  They were great at playing the role of detective and recording their clues.  The children had some fairy tale activities to complete and enjoyed figuring out which crime scene belonged to who

Home learning- planting our own seeds.

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Each term, the children are given a home learning grid with suggested activities to complete linked to our term's topic. Harvey has documented his home learning activity in a video and uploaded it to his Dojo portfolio.
Harvey enjoyed going to the garden centre to buy some pots, soil and seeds. He planted the seeds in the pots and he is giving them water to help them grow. Harvey will bring in his plant when it has started to grow to show everyone.

The Gingerbread Man

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The children are learning all about Fairytales this term. Sam has created the characters from the story and here is his video of him retelling the story.

Great Fire of London

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On the last day of term, we recreated Pudding Lane. Here, at the bakery, is where the great fire began.
The children used their DT skills to recreate houses with thatched roofs. We set fire to the bakery and watched how quickly the fire spread down Pudding Lane.

At the end of the clips, you will see Sam’s fantastic video edit. He has used Viva Video, a video editing app that he used independently to edit, add music and text to his mini movie.

Making pasta

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The children made their own dough using 100g of flour and 1 egg. They rolled out the dough and used a pasta machine to flatten it. They chose what shape they wanted their pasta to be. We left our pasta overnight to dry. The next day, we cooked our pasta, drained it with support and added a sauce of our choice.

Forest school

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