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Accident or illness at school

Emergency Contacts                                                                 

Parents/carers are asked to provide two telephone numbers where they, a friend, or relative may be contacted should their child become ill at school and need to be sent home.


Pupils occasionally injure themselves, requiring hospital attention.  If parents/carers can be contacted by telephone and have a car, they will be asked to transport their child to hospital. Otherwise, school staff will take the pupil to the hospital and meet parents/carers there, if at all possible.



Completion of the appropriate form (available from the school office) certain prescribed medicines can be given to pupils at school.  School staff do not administer intimate medical procedures. Oral medication only is administered.


Staff do not administer medicine because parents forget to do so. It is always part of a planned and agreed approach between school and parents and in the best interests of the young person concerned. (please see our medication policy)


Staff are trained in medication administration, however only two staff are responsible for administering medication.