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Attendance & Absence from School


Regular attendance is important if pupils are to benefit from the full range of educational opportunities on offer at HTS .  It is very important that pupils get into, and maintain, a pattern and routine of attendance in order to support learning and good behaviour.  Consistent management of pupils is supported by regular attendance.  Pupils should only be kept away from school for genuine reasons. If pupils are kept off, or have appointments coming up, parents/carers are to inform the school. The school, as a matter of routine, asks for all absences.


Parents/carers are requested to telephone the school on the first day of a pupil's absence. To report your child's absence, please ring the main office by 09.00AM stating clearly their name, their class and a specific reason for their absence i.e. if they are ill please state the specific illness.


Parents/carers are requested to take annual holidays during school holidays. Requests for holidays during term-time will be declined. Where parents decide to take holidays regardless, the appropriate form must be completed. The school will record all such occasions as unauthorised absence and the local authority welfare calls may also become involved.


As a school, we aim that students' attendance is at least 95% across the year. To put this in concrete terms, the following table shows the number of school days per year missed at different percentages of attendance.



We would therefore ask that you try to ensure that your son/daughter achieves the best possible attendance this year. The Winter and Spring Terms are traditionally periods of seasonal illness and, whilst we want to stress that students should not attend school if they are genuinely unfit for learning, we would ask that this is kept to the minimum required for them to recover.