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Our School Welcome

Welcome to Huckleberry Statement


Huckleberry Therapeutic School is a primary day special school for boys and girls aged 5 to 11 for 35 children.

We are a special school which caters for the needs of pupils who have social, emotional and mental health difficulties, including associated challenging behaviours. Many of the pupils attending the school have additional special educational needs such as autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit and hyperactive disorders (ADHD) which many affect their speech and language development


Places for pupils are commissioned at the school by several local authorities, Including Oxfordshire, West Berkshire, Wiltshire Buckinghamshire and Slough.  All pupils who are referred to the school have an Education, Health and Care Plan.


We are a small and nurturing therapeutic school. Our learning community engages pupils to develop positive attitudes to learning.


Huckleberry is set in a beautiful quiet, rural area of Wantage in a converted manor house. We have outbuildings and extensive grounds which we use for our animals and woodland activities.


The school is named Huckleberry, deriving from the American English Slang  ‘Tree of sweet edible berries, in which their tiny size led to their use as a way of referring to something small. This is affectionately how we view our pupils.


The phrase “I’m your huckleberry” is a way of saying that one is just the right person for a given job and that one is ‘your right hand man’, ‘your support mechanism’ - Something that we strongly view ourselves as being.