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Assessment & Pupil Progress

Huckleberry ensures that a holistic curriculum is provided for our learners to ensure that maximum engagement and therefore attainment is taking place. We strongly feel that engagement is fundamental to each pupil. 


Without engagement, there is no deep learning' (Hargreaves, 2006)


We focus on the individual needs and interests of pupils and it is with this personalised learning approach, that we ensure we meet all of the needs of each pupil thus focussing upon the best possible outcomes for each pupil. 


The school recognises that assessment, recording and reporting is not a one of process. Especially as our children can often show 'spiky' profiles across periods of time. We embed a cycle by which the progress and achievement of pupils is continually tracked and monitored to inform all of our planning and enables all staff to: 

  • Define each pupil's ability: what the pupil knows, understand and can apply with and without adult support
  • Identify pupil's strengths and areas for development 
  • Ensure the correct level of challenge for pupils to make good progress
  • To acknowledge all of their achievements on both an academic and personal level 
  • Record their experiences to share with them and their families 
  • Communicate accurate information about the pupil to other staff, the pupils themselves, parents/ carers and outside agencies.


B squared assessment tool

At Huckleberry we use the B Squared assessment tool. B Squared enables teachers to break down skills into achievable targets and supports staff in tracking progress across the term and year. Summative assessment is demonstrated in % improvement over a given time. Targets can be set for end of key stages and judgements can be made on the rate of progress each pupil is making. Further analysis of data is also possible such as progress of key minority groups and year groups.