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Art therapy

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art-making as a form of expression and communication for people experiencing difficulties in their lives. Through art-making it can be possible to explore feelings and concerns that may be confusing and hard to put into words. It has been found to be particularly helpful for working with children and young people.


Art therapy can help young people express themselves, understand their experience and learn to modify difficult behaviours. It can help them build self-esteem, improve relationships and engagement with the school environment as well as helping improve concentration and academic achievement.


Who is art therapy for?

Pupils may be referred for art therapy if they:

  • are struggling to settle into the school environment
  • experience emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • are struggling with particular life events such as bereavement, family breakdown, illness or substance misuse within the family
  • have suffered abuse, bullying or trauma
  • have communication and social interaction difficulties


Referral process 

After referral and following consent given by parents or carers and the young person concerned, art therapy sessions will take place on a weekly basis for an initial period of 4-6 weeks. This to see if the young person is happy to engage with therapy and it is thought to be of benefit. The sessions take place in a safe and supportive environment within the school.


Lyzette Jarvey- Art psychotherapist at Huckleberry


I have worked with people on the autistic spectrum and within mental health for 20 years. As well as being an Art Therapist, I have worked as a support worker, special needs course lecturer, art teacher, and disability tutor.


Areas I might explore more with your children in

sessions could include:   

  • Identity

  • Mentalisation

  • Gaining resilience

  • Self-esteem

  • Exploring emotions

  • Sensory exploring

  • Limits and boundaries

  • Gaining confidence


Whilst exploring the deeper, more serious aspects during the sessions, I hope there will also be room to enjoy the art and materials and to get to form a good relationship with your precious children.